We are a carpentry services and design company serving the greater Denver area. We provide trim & finish carpentry services to homeowners, commercial clients, architects, and general contractors. Our projects range from custom furniture and retail fixtures, built-in storage solutions, closets, and countertops to full kitchen and bathroom remodels and custom cabinets.

The firm was formed as a response to the trends we saw in building happening in the Denver market. The city I love has lost its way when it comes to new construction, and the people that call the Queen City “home” deserve a home of their own that reflects their values and renews their spirits. You deserve a home worth investing in and the joy that comes with surrounding yourself with substance.

To be a builder is to think inside out: set your sights on the end goal and work backwards toward actionable goals to realize the vision. Too often today, we see dozens of soloists in the trades rather than an orchestra playing in unison. By creating a team where the trades communicate and work together toward a common goal, I knew I could give my clients a better end product. I knew there had to be a better way, and if I could offer that to my neighbors, there would be value in that. That proposition is the bedrock on which my company is built.

We do things a little different.

To honor the craftsmen who invested in me and taught me the craft, I refuse to compromise what I learned as an apprentice to be best practice to fit the mold of what’s common in the industry today. It was time to be a leader and take charge of where I know finish carpentry can go in the future, with a smile and nod to what it has been in the past. We tread lightly on our one and only planet. Salvageable lumber materials are de-nailed and donated to a local charity or a neighbor in need. When practical, we even plane down and resurface solid wood products that can be repurposed to suit remodel plans. Our projects are obsessively planned down to the last detail to maximize value and create a home with elegance, structure, and substance, delivered with pride to those who value Craft.