In a town like Denver, historic buildings with classic architecture can be hard to come by. First of all, Denver is a young city, founded in 1858 as a gold mining base camp. Nature has played a part as well. Living in the high desert, there’s the constant risk of wildfires. A fire in 1863 claimed many of the city’s early wooden structures, prompting the expansion of its 1-year-old volunteer fire department and the passing of laws requiring buildings be made from brick and stone rather than wood to prevent this happening again. Then came the floods! The city is built around the confluence of two rivers and little thought at the time was given to establishing a flood plain or creating dams and storm drainage infrastructure. A series of floods over the next 100 years caused substantial damage to historic structures. Economic prosperity finally took hold in the 1870’s – 1890’s with a more diversified industrial base and a growing population. Most of the earliest structures we see around Denver are from this era. Long story long, we have so few historic structures here that we have to cherish the ones we have!

We had the opportunity to install the cabinetry for this updated kitchen in this classic City Park neighborhood Victorian this month. The cabinetry was supplied by Crown Cabinets of Salt Lake City, UT. The quality on these mid-range cabinets was impressive. They’re my current choice for mid-range remodels that value a traditional aesthetic. The doors are shaker-style faces are stately and classic, but simple enough to fit modern tastes. We used every trick in the book mounting to the exposed brick walls, but managed to get a solid connection. All side fasteners are hidden behind the door hinges. All primary mounting fasteners are high-quality washer head #10 cabinet screws rated for hundreds of pounds each. This Denver beauty should be a head-turner for decades to come.


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